Installation Guide

Installing the JET Rack® Interior Ladder Storage System takes around 30-60 minutes for most installs.  Occasionally a trickier mounting location may take longer.

Full instructions can be downloaded here

Instructions for installing the Universal Mounting Kit can be downloaded here

Below are step-by-step instructions with accompanying videos.  Feel free to Contact Us for any help during your install.

Step One: Pre-install Strut Channel

Pre-install the strut channel to the chosen location in your vehicle.

Step Two: Component Pre-assembly

Loosely pre-assemble the main components, to allow for adjustments later on in the install.

Step Three: Attach Components to Strut Channel

Attach the components to the strut channel. Do not over tighten, this will be done later in the install once adjustments have been made.

Step Four: Re-Install Strut Channel

Now the components are attached to the strut channel, secure it to the chosen location. Fully tighten the fasteners atttaching the strut to the location now to ensure a safe and secure mounting.

Step Five: Installation of the Shock Cord & Guide

To make the install easier later on, pre-thread the nylon lock nut with the pan head screw.

Step Six: Pre-fit the Ladder

Note that at this point the sliding mount may be difficult to move as the strut has not been lubricated. Components are NOT completely secured, so use caution.

Step Seven: Adjust Main Components to Final Positions

Ensure that the components are aligned correctly, and the fixed catch is perfectly aligned with the ladder rung. NOTE: If the ladder rung is not perfectly aligned to sit within the fixed catch, you may have a slight wobble and rattle.

Step Eight: Adjust the Shock Cord Tension

Whilst the ladder is in the stowed position, tighten the shock cords by pulling them to the back of the vehicle. Ensure there is enough tension, as this is what secures the ladder in place.

Step Nine: Set Stop Plate Positions

The stop plates ensure that your JET Rack® doesn't slide past the positions of operation.

Step Ten: Set Shock Cord Guide Position

The shock cord guide will stop the shock cord from drooping down during the loading/unloading cycle.

Step Eleven: Install Slack Control Clips

TIP: You will need to stretch the cord out to be able to put the clips on.

Step Twelve: Important Final Steps

Lubricate the strut with white lithium grease until component travel is smooth and effortless. Secure ladders in with the included safety strap