Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the instructions for fitting JET Rack®?

Head over to our Installations Page where you can download the instructions, or watch step-by-step videos of the process.

Will this fit in my van?

Yes!  JET Rack has been designed as a universal product.  It will fit ANYWHERE you can mount a length of strut channel on a flat(ish!) surface.

I've got a roof rack on my van already. Why would I need a JET Rack®?

Having a roof rack on your van is sometimes necessary. However, anyone who has one will already know first hand what a pain it can be securing a ladder onto the roof, even if it's glorious sunshine! Stowing your stepladder away using the JET Rack® Interior Storage takes seconds, which means you can be on your way home or to the next job in less time. Furthermore, installing a JET Rack® reduces the risk of theft/damage when storing items on the roof.

What kind of ladders can I use with JET Rack®?

JET Rack® can be used to mount A-frame fibreglass ladders with a tool hole in the top. JET Rack®’s design also allows you to pair up two JET Rack®s side-by-side for use with even larger A-frame ladders and extension ladders without needing more than a 3m length of Unistrut.

Is it possible to install more than 1 JET Rack® in my van?

Yes! If there is room on the ceiling then there is room to install a JET Rack®!

Why do you not supply the channel with the JET Rack® Kit?

Primarily to save our valued customer’s money! We would never be able to compete with the large electrical wholesalers and home stores in price. Not only that, but the cost of shipping a 3m length of channel would heavily increase the competitive price of providing a JET Rack®.

The channel product, also known as hanger strut or pipe channel, is widely used across various trades. Click here to see an example of where to purchase this from. See below for information on what types/sizes are required.

What type and size of channel should I use?

The width is standard at 41mm, however the depth can vary. We recommend the shallow version, 21mm depth for ladders up to 2.5m. This maximises your ceiling space and is strong and flexible enough to accommodate variations in your mounting surface from point to point. All strut is typically sold in 3m lengths with a variety of finishes. A galvanised finish is the most common and we recommend that for most applications. Note that the deeper strut creates a more rigid installation but reduces your clearance proportionately.

Please use the appropriate fasteners, as your installation is only as secure as the method you choose.  Why not check out the Universal Mounting Kit for the best way of securing your strut to the veiling.

How much weight can the JET® Rack handle?

JET Rack®’s main parts are cast using high-strength, tool-grade aluminium, and are very strong. The weight limitations depend mostly on the strength of the structure you are mounting to and the methods and fasteners you use to mount the strut (strut sold separately). When mounted correctly JET Rack® will hold the weight of any compatible A-frame ladder.

How long does it take to install JET Rack®?

Installations will vary with skill, technique and mounting positions. Typically most installations can be completed in around 45 minutes.

What tools are required to install JET Rack®?

Most installations require a drill/driver, deep well socket set or nut drivers, screwdrivers, a hacksaw or reciprocating saw (to cut the strut channel, sold separately).

What comes with the JET Rack® kit?

JET Rack® is a modular kit that includes all of the components necessary to work with a standard piece of strut channel (sold separately) Together they combine to form your JET Rack® ladder rack. You also need to determine which fasteners are best for your particular application as vehicle and storage situations vary greatly.

Do you have any JET Rack® Installers Near me?

We are working on creating a network of installers around the UK.  Head over to our Find an Installer page to see if there is one near you.  If you are interested in becoming a JET Rack® Installer, please drop us a message.